DEVELOPER'S NOTE: The Events section of this website will allow for the publicizing of scheduled occurrences which MPAOC is involved in or endorses. An interactive calendar could be embedded which would allow for the public and members of MPAOC to collectively coordinate events. There could also be a section of this page which would provide visitors with the ability to submit notifications of events.

Stay Informed About MPAOC Events

We invite you to explore, consider, and hopefully even attend some of the many events which we are involved in at MPAOC. Please refer to our calendar on this page, which displays our upcoming meetings, actions, and events that are community focused and firmly rooted in a progressive-minded political stance. Help us change the world for the better, by connecting and reaching out!

If you have an event that you would like to let us know about, then please submit a request for consideration by using the form further down the page. We are happy to maintain an engaged and immersive position in our community, because MPAOC is of, for, and by the PEOPLE of the great state of Massachusetts.

Current Events

Are you passionate about creating a more equitable and just society? Are you eager to make a difference in your community and beyond? Join us at MPAOC as we embark on a journey to champion progressive values and drive positive change.

About MPAOC Events:

MPAOC is a dynamic and dedicated group of individuals committed to advancing progressive causes and shaping a better future. We believe in equality, justice, and the power of collective action to bring about meaningful transformation.

Our Activities:

  1. Community Organizing: At the heart of our mission is community organizing. We work tirelessly to engage with local communities, listening to their needs and concerns. Through grassroots efforts, we build coalitions and mobilize support for progressive policies that address pressing issues such as healthcare access, education, and affordable housing.
    Example: Our recent community organizing campaign successfully advocated for increased funding for public schools, resulting in improved resources for students and teachers.
  2. Voter Registration Drives: We believe that every voice matters in a democracy. We conduct voter registration drives to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the electoral process, regardless of their background or circumstances.
    Example: In the last election cycle, we registered over 2,000 new voters, empowering individuals to have a say in their government.
  3. Policy Advocacy: [Political Committee Name] actively engages with lawmakers at the local, state, and national levels. We advocate for progressive policies that address climate change, social justice, healthcare reform, and economic equity.
    Example: Our advocacy efforts helped pass legislation that increased the minimum wage, lifting many working families out of poverty.
  4. Protest and Awareness Campaigns: In moments of urgency, we organize peaceful protests and awareness campaigns to shed light on critical issues. We believe in the power of public pressure to push for meaningful change.
    Example: Our recent protest against environmental degradation prompted a local corporation to commit to sustainable practices.
  5. Youth Engagement: We understand that young voices are instrumental in shaping the future. Our committee actively engages with young activists and provides them with opportunities to make a difference.
    Example: Our youth-led initiative on climate action resulted in a citywide climate resolution, setting ambitious sustainability goals.

Join Us in Making a Difference:

If you share our passion for progress and want to be part of a dedicated community of activists, we invite you to join MPAOC. Together, we can build a more inclusive and equitable society.

If you would like to host, create, or help to organize an event - or if you know of something which seems like a good match with MPAOC, then please alert us by using the form below in order to submit something to our attention.

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