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The Massachusetts Peace Action Network (MAPA) is a grassroots peace and social justice organization based in Massachusetts, USA. MAPA's primary focus is on advocating for peace, disarmament, and social justice issues at the local, national, and international levels.

MAPA engages in various activities and initiatives to promote its goals, which may include:

  1. Anti-War Advocacy: MAPA works to oppose U.S. military interventions and wars, advocating for diplomacy and peaceful conflict resolution instead.
  2. Nuclear Disarmament: The organization is committed to the abolition of nuclear weapons and lobbies for policies that reduce nuclear arsenals.
  3. Social Justice: MAPA often aligns with social justice movements, addressing issues such as racial equality, economic justice, and environmental sustainability.
  4. Legislative Advocacy: MAPA engages with elected officials and policymakers to influence legislation related to peace and social justice concerns.
  5. Public Education: The organization conducts educational programs, conferences, and awareness campaigns to inform the public about the consequences of war and militarism.
  6. Coalition Building: MAPA collaborates with other peace and justice organizations to amplify their collective impact.